Oakland House

Vallejo st, Oakland, CA94608.(map)
August 2019 - June 2020.



Our host’s body was physically living in this room in Vallejo St, Oakland, CA, but our host’s body’s mind and spirit was spending most of her time online in the Leymusoom Mogyogtang.
The 11 months in this Oakland house was the most disillusioning time for my host, Heesoo, related to her Leymusoom rituals, as she made several video pieces here including Leymusoom Mogyogtang and 02/28/2020-05/26/2020.

This is a sacred site of the Leymusoom religion, and reflects many histories of our birth, as well as of the religion. Still, there are many more artifacts to recollect from this sacred site.

“Since the shelter-in-place orders were enacted in the San Francisco Bay Area in March of 2020, I have spent the majority of my time self quarantined in my bedroom. While continuing to work on artworks related to ‘Leymusoom,’ I have imagined my female ancestors living in a digital utopia and existing alongside me in this small bedroom. I began to feel the space we’ve been inhabiting as a portal consisting of links to different times and spaces.”