Leymusoom Mogyogtang

620 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States. (map)
August 2019.

~under construction~

Our host and her female ancestors had their first metamorphosis in this place. Our host 3d modeled the whole building structure of the gallery where she had her first solo exhibition, and created a space to resemble the women-only, basement-level korean communal baths she visited as a child with her family.

Once she visited the gallery for the first time, she thought it looked like a vagina. It looked like a long tunnel and was narrow and deep inside. For the exhibition, she painted all of the walls, ceiling, and floor, black and played the video of herself and her female ancestors’ rebirth in the innermost part of the gallery.

While the host was working on installation, she got the news from her sister that her mom had cancer. This was just 5 days before the opening. It was such a painful time to see her mom’s avatar, in the video installation, getting a new body every 5 minutes. She couldn’t even imagine when she would be able to see her mom again. This space was like a heterotopia of Leyjusoom's digital world. Even though she couldn’t be with her mom physically, this place was a venue to be with her ancestors, living and deceased.
Leymusoom Mogyogtangvideo, 2019.