Jijangdaejeon in Bong Sun Sa

32 Bongseonsa-gil, Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do (map)
August 2020.

~Under construction~

The host stayed at the Buddhist Temple (봉선사 ) in Namyangjoo, Korea, for a week and 3d scanned the temple building, jijangdaejeon, where Buddhist beleivers serve, Jijang bosal, a non-binary buddhist spirit, who carries souls from the living world to the deceased world. In Jijang bosal’s origin story, they were initially referenced as a girl who fervently followed Buddha’s commandments. Jijang bosal attained Buddahood while in the living world, thus, granted the right to break the Buddist cycle of reincarnation, which people submitted to damnation are subject to; however, Jijang bosal’s mother was the opposite, and went around slandering Buddha’s teachings. Jiijang bosal warned her mother that she would go to hell for her misdemeanors, but her mother ignored this warning and when she passed away, did go to hell.

Jijang bosal traveled to hell to save her mother, but when she arrived and asked where her mother was, she found out that her mother already went to heaven three days ago, thanks to Jijang bosal’s many prayers.

After she came back to the living world, she refused to accept her Buddahood until she rescued everyone suffering in hell, but everyday, more and more deceased souls are crossing over to hell, so she is still there, waiting.

After hearing Jijang bosal’s story, the host is in the process of trying to figure out how to invite Jijang bosal to Leymusoom.